Rusland Garrison attends the Abbey Festival, St Ives Medieval Faire, History Alive (HA) each year and the NEMAS gathering every second year. There are also occasionally single day events that the group is hired to perform at.













The Abbey Festival occurs between 6th and 7th of July and is located north of Brisbane at the Abbey Museum.  The Abbey Festival has an annual attendance of thousands and 2012 had record attendance figures of 37,302 people over the 2 days.  This is one of the largest and most popular re-enactment events in the Southern Hemisphere.











History Alive (HA) is located at Fort Lytton national park in Brisbane.. This event occurs on the 9th and 10th June each year. Many re-enactment groups attend this event including WWI and WW2 groups, renaissance, roman and medieval.











The NEMAS Gathering only occurs every 2 years in the State Forest at Armidale during the Easter weekend. It is run by the New England Medieval Arts Society (NEMAS) and hosts many dark age re-enactment groups from all over Australia. Most of the East Coast New Varangian Guard (NVG) groups attend this event including our battle brothers Jorth Gar and Miklagard.












St Ives Medieval Faire occurs every year in September at St Ives Showground in Sydney. Many varied groups attend, including our brothers and sisters at NVG Miklaguard and Vlachernai.