Ingvar Carnifex ‘The Butcher’
Ingvar is the Jarl (Norse) or Lochagos (Byzantine) of Rusland Garrison.
A Swedish Viking who sought his fortune in the Ruslands where he met the Varangian Guard and he made his way to the great city of Miklagard (Byzantium) and after many adventures he raised the money to join the Varangians. Now, many years and many battles later he is a feared war leader.



Ormika is the Skeppare (Norse) or Tabularios (Byzantine) of Rusland Garrison.
Hailing from Gotland in Sweden, with a fierce heart belying his stature, after many years on the ‘whale road’, he found himself in the great city, Miklagard. Finding himself alone as most of his kinsmen had been killed off through the attrition of many adventures, he was invited to join the band of heroic Varangians by Ingvar the Butcher who he had met on campaign previously.



Ярослав “нет-рейтузы” странник aka Yaroslav “no-pants” the wanderer
Born in Kiev, Yaroslav received a reasonable education owing to his fathers success as a bee-keeper. However, a dislike of bees led Yaroslav to join a trading company as an escort guard. Travelling between Kiev and Cherson, gathering both experience and a reputation as a formidable opponent, Yaroslav heard tales of the fearsome warriors the Varangians. After many years amassing enough gold to pay for entry into the Varangian Guard, Yaroslav crossed the Black Sea to the great city of Constantinople. The nickname of “no pants” was given to Yaroslav after during one of his early battle deployments the drawstring on his pants broke resulting in them falling down as they marched into battle.


Alf the Deaf
I earned the name Alf the deaf, simply by my being unable to hear. My other names (Alf the Bloody, Alf the shield-biter) I earned by bleeding for them. I left Iceland to seek my fortune and wandered eastward. When I came to the city I stopped. For nine years I have served the Byzantine Emperor in the Varangian guard.




Gunni Skvakka aka Gunni “the Squeaky”
Gunni (battle warrior) comes from a farming settlement from the Island of Gotland. His father was a Farmenn (a farmer and merchant) whom due to his travels always had to be ready for battle in case of pirates. Gunni often accompanied his father as a young man, taking up the sword to protect his father and business. It was during these travels Gunni met the Russian Yaroslav, who was a Varangian guardsmen, and decided to lend his sword as a recruit to the Varangian Guard. It was here, his boyish looks and squeaky girly voice earned him the title Gunni Skvakka (Gunni the Squeaky)


Polak hails from the slavic regions and is originally of the people of the plains (Polonia).  He has survived within the Rusland Garrison for over a decade. He has not revealed his real name (or he can’t remember it due to too many blows to the head) and he reveals little of his life before the guard. He doesn’t talk much or drink much, he just likes to kill much!




Vasily ‘Halfdan’
Whilst stroking his glorious beard and consuming vast quantities of mead, Vasily got himself hopelessly lost in a forest near Chernigov. Voicing his displeasure at the situation in very ‘creative’ ways a nearby Varangian trio overheard his cries. Assuming this was a direct challenge, they quickly engaged taking Vasily by surprise. Luckily for him, his battle prowess kept him alive long enough to impress the experienced killers who quickly realised he was just hammered. The next morning, a very hungover Vasily agreed to join with them in search of glory, to Miklagard!



Dalkr is from a family of traders, based in Aldeigja (also known as Straya Lodoga).  He traded and travelled widely, from Sweden to the Rus lands and even at times as far as Constantinople, the queen of cities.  Dalkr showed more interest early on in wielding steel than in trading it and travelled with merchant trains throughout the Rus and Baltic lands.  He defended the family’s caravans or any other caravans, if they paid well enough. Dalkr recently travelled to Byzantium as a guard on a large trading train and fell in with Vikings travelling to join the guard. The endeavour paid gold enough to enable him also, to buy into the Varangian Guard.



Svein Ericsson
Hailing from the coastal region of Sweden, Svein grew up on a farm and always accompanied his father to the local port to trade their modest harvest. It was here that he first joined the crew of a raiding party plundering the Christian monasteries. Having not made a name for himself yet, Svein set off in search of the famed Varangians of Miklagard and hoped to prove himself as both a man and a warrior.




Robert D’Evreux
Little is known about this Italo-Norman knight. After taking the Cross and joining the monastic military order of the Templars , he contracted leprosy and was sent to the Leper Hospital for treatment and care. Rather than lie down and wait for death, Robert has chosen to meet his end in battle. Needless to say, the Varangian Guard prefer to keep him down wind ‘.





Born in the Rus city of Holmgard and son of a trading family, spent much of his youth with his father’s trading expeditions on the Volga trade route to Constantinople. He was highly impressed with the appearance and riches of the elite Varangian Guard. So when came of age, he jumped ship and enlisted, much to the displeasure of his father. Seeking a quicker path to wealth and glory.




Domesticos (Byzantine)