Rusland takes training very seriously and in order to become a Rusland member you are required to commit to weekly training. The training is held every Saturday from 2pm-5pm and leading up to important events this is increased to two training sessions a week.  The second session is usually held mid week depending on the current booking arrangements.

All Rusland members are required to have undertaken full combat training before being allowed to participate in re-enactment displays at shows.  Individuals will be instructed on the proper techniques of the spear initially to test competency and safety to yourself and others.

All members are taught the spear before being allowed to progress to other weapons should they wish.  Once you have displayed mastery of the spear, you will have the option of learning the sword, axe, saex, two-handed axe or sabre.  Several members also regularly practice with javelin and bow, however this doesn’t generally occur at training and doesn’t feature during each show.

We will ensure that you are in a safe training environment at all times and Rusland has suitable basic weapons with which new members can train before being required to purchase your own.  We also realise that you will wish to come along to a few training sessions before deciding to commit to the group and spend your “hard earned cash”.

Leading up to each show, members are required to “authorise” with the weapons they wish to fight with during the show and this entails fighting before the Jarl and Huskarl to check an individuals ability to fight safely with proper technique.

If you are interested and wish to attend training, please let us know before you attend as some weekends are non-training weekends.  This occurs especially the weekend after an event, or due to bad weather.

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