This list is not exhaustive it is simply some of the places Rusland members have used to source gear in the past.  Always ask the Jarl first before you purchase as this will save you time and money.  Any gear that falls outside the correct period for Varangians in the employ of the Emperor (950 – 1204 A.D.) will not be allowed to be used.  Please double check before you proceed with any purchases.



SPES Medieval Market – Various re-enactment goods, Beautiful tents, clothing and accessories from Poland

Talerwin Forge – Blacksmith

Jelling Dragon  – Viking goods

Kult of Athena – Swords, axes, etc

Urweg – Jewellery

Viking Kristall – Viking Jewellery

Raymond Quiet Press   – Brooches, clasps, etc

Danegeld Viking, Saxon & Medieval Jewellery

Armour and Castings

Viking Answer Lady  – Great source of information

WM Booth – Linen

Bernie the Bolt Man – Wool Linen Cotton Other Material and Cloth

Sven the Merchant: Southern NVG Member

Orthala Craft – Great quality clothing from Poland

Lady on the Mountain– Tablet woven Braid by Yahdah from Jorth Gar

Soul of the warrior –  mostly Roman gear however some good glassware, canteens and pottery that we can use

Medieval Fight Club – Assorted re-enactor gear

Historical Jewellery

Wholesale Canvas Australia – Canvas and Linen for Gambesons, Tents, Sunshades

Schmitthenner Armory  – Lots of gear for female fighters

Armory Marek– Czech site


Brisbane based

Jackson Furs

Esford – local gear supplier, Helmets, saexes, viking horns


Fighting Kit Reference Links

Please note, suitable helmets styles are mainly spangenhelms such as:  Gjermundbu, Rus/Khazar, Nasal, Byzantine

1. Reenactors Warehouse –   Styles we use are RW102, RW103, RW104, HS54

2. Manning Imperial – Any of 800-1000AD helmets are suitable

3. Patryk Nieczar – Top shelf quality from Poland, Stick to Early West and Early East

4. Thorkil – Top shelf quality from Poland.  Everything except generally the Vendel era.

5. Fighting Kit and Camp Kit

6. Paul Binns Swords – Great Quality from England

Rusland has a preferred tailor for all our gambesons, padded leggings, field tunics, dresses etc . Please ask the Jarl for contact details.